+ Audio


Discover how you can leverage audio solutions

Capturing and keeping a viewer's attention requires successfully implementing multiple elements. Sound plays a key role in this process. Whether applying a soundtrack to your website or developing a weekly broadcast available for download or RSS feed, Horizon Interactive will produce a solution that gets your brand heard.

+ Audio for Video

When it comes to video and interactive productions, attention to detail in audio is a must. Generally a voice-over and music accompany an animation or video piece. Audio is also important for Interactive projects where Interfaces are enhanced by audible feedback triggered by user actions, and can be used to set the mood.

+ Podcasting

Millions of podcasts are downloaded each year. This interactive medium makes it possible for your audience to listen to your message on their own schedule and receive new messages automatically. Some of the vast possibilities for Podcasting include; Public Relations, Lead Generation, Training and Product Information. We will assist you in developing a relevant and interesting Podcasting plan that draws subscribers and gets your message heard.

+ Streaming

Integrating streaming audio into your website can add personality to your brand, make your site more interesting and communicate with your audience in a way that is remembered. Effective uses of streaming audio include customer testimonials, annual reports and product information. Horizon can help in determining if streaming audio is a good idea for your website, and implement compelling streaming audio programs that make your company stand out.

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