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+ Candie's

Candie's: Fall 2008 Website

We were awarded the development of Candie's Fall 2008 Website featuring Hayden Panettiere. This site consists of fun content including: photos, videos, and interactivity that creates awareness for Candie's latest clothing items and ultimately drives sales.

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+ Gerber Scientific

Gerber Scientific: Solara Ion


Gerber Scientific came to Horizon Interactive with a unique project. The objective was to demonstrate and visualize a groundbreaking new printer they were set to release. The printer, the Solara Ion was to be a disruptive technological advancement in its industry and early adoption was key in its release.


Gerber's industrial engineers provided Horizon with drawings, 3D models, and photos of a preproduction prototype. Horizon worked with the 3D models extensively and used the drawings and photos as reference for color, texture and to gain an understanding of how the machine operated. With these resources Horizon Marketing produced an animated presentation that demonstrated the key features of the printer including:

  • 360° views of the product
  • Inner workings of the gantry
  • Gantry in motion printing on a rigid material
  • Roll print function
  • Control panel's swivel function
  • Ink refill station
  • Cleaning and service of the print heads
All before the first printer had rolled off of the assembly line.


The 3d animation Horizon created for Gerber played a key role in the release of the Solara Ion. Gerber gained both an internal and external jump in regards to marketing communications and were able to pre-sell multiple units before manufacturing had even begun.

“Horizon created an animated video of our groundbreaking Solara ion prior to the first unit being completed. This type of presentation had never been done before in our industry, and helped launch a disruptive market technology that is changing the sign printing industry. Our work with Horizon on this project brought our entire new product launch to a new level of success for our corporation. I have nothing but good things to say about Horizon Marketing Group.”

-Curt Brey, Gerber Scientific

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+ C'Elle

The C'Elle Story

The C'Elle animation was developed to describe the potential therapies that can be developed from the collection of stem cells. Not only does the movie set the tone for the brand with voice, sound and motion, but it also conveys the intangible personality of C'Elle.

The movie is composed of 2D and 3D animation. These two media were chosen for cost effectiveness and ability to make the most of the existing brand imagery and assets. No videography was required because all of the "sets" and "props" were built in 3D space which created a smooth flowing tempo for the piece.

View ProjectC'Elle Movie
 Case Study
+ EASA Software

Easa Software website design, homepage animaiton and product quick tours

In addition to a website redesign, Horizon Interactive created a short overview movie for EASA's homepage. The goal was to summarize what EASA is, quickly and bring the elevator pitch to life through the animation.

2D and 3D animation were used for the majority of the work. Additonally, Horizon Interactive edited the soundtrack in-house. The final piece is delivered through Adobe® Flash which includes the ability to control the playback and audio.

“Not only was it a pleasure to work with Horizon, but at every turn I was impressed with their ability to solve problems creatively. Communicating a complex value proposition to prospects is difficult; doing so quickly and professionally is even more so. However, I’m convinced that our new site, completely re-created by HMG, does exactly that”

-Sebastian Dewhurst, President and CEO of Easa Software

View ProjectEASA Homepage Animation Case Study
+ Power Design Screensaver

We developed A.C.E. Power Design's personality behind their internal company values campaign. As an extension of ACE's existence we developed a screen saver where he is faced with challenges and rewards, each reward being the successful achievement of each of their 5 values.

View ProjectPower Design Screensaver Case Study
+ Plaza Too


Plaza Too, a high end shoe and accessories retailer headquartered in Larchmont, NY, called on Horizon Marketing Group to establish a search engine presence and improve tracking and reporting of customer conversions. The individual challenges of Plaza Too required a broad range of expertise and unique strategy development. When Plaza Too began its relationship with Horizon, the retailer had virtually no ranking in the search engines and faced significant challenges in the management of funds for an existing pay-per-click campaign. In addition, Horizon recognized the need for an improved website design to accompany Plaza Too’s trendy and fashion-forward collections.


Horizon Marketing Group first looked at the client’s pay-per-click strategy and redesigned their campaigns to target small markets, searching for specific items. After competitive analysis and analysis of the existing campaign, we found that using more specific, unique search terms proved more effective in reducing Plaza Too’s cost per conversion. Landing pages were then designed to compliment their pay-per-click campaigns and to also improve natural search rankings though the optimization of the visible content and META tags.

META tags were created for each individual product by assembling information from the product database dynamically. In addition to providing front-end solutions, Horizon also successfully integrated the Plaza Too inventory system with Google Base via RSS to further enhancing online visibly. The next piece of the Plaza Too puzzle was their website. As the client’s most important marketing tool, Horizon created a more attractive design that matched their brand image and then restructured the layout and customer interface to lead visitors from start to finish through the sales process.


Due to Horizon’s creative and powerful solutions, the search engine ranking for Plaza Too jumped from non-existent to having thousands of top-ten rankings on major engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN.

Horizon’s successful roll-out of the new website with optimized landing pages gave Plaza Too the online presence necessary to capture the markets they need to attract. Plaza Too experienced a 690% increase in its conversion rate October 2007 to July 2008. In addition, the cost/conversion in the same period decreased by 76%! Plaza Too continues to utilize Horizon for all its integrated marketing needs in order to build relationships with and better serve their customers nationwide.

View SitePlaza Too Case Study
+ Crab Apple Whitewater


Crab Apple Whitewater challenged Horizon Marketing to develop ways to more effectively manage its pay per click campaign, search engine rankings, and online customer service. In an industry with strong online competition, Horizon was confronted with the task of identifying and incorporating geo-specific keywords to satisfy Crab Apple’s need to target customers based on location. In addition, Crab Apple brought their concerns to Horizon regarding the timed consuming handling of consumer inquiries via telephone by its reservations department. Horizon addressed all of these strategies in its development of effective pay per click campaigns and an online trip planner


Prior to Horizon’s work, Crab Apple utilized broad keywords that often attracted site visitors who were not located near any of its locations. To remedy this situation, Horizon Marketing Group re-designed Crab Apple’s pay per click campaigns by using geo-targeted keywords that would attract and retain higher quality leads more likely to make reservations. To accompany this campaign, Horizon created separate landing pages for each trip location so that customers can easily find information about whitewater rafting in their geographical area. Next, Horizon addressed the management of customer inquiries by designing a trip planner for the Crab Apple site that answers common questions and assists customers in making reservations. Finally, Horizon installed a “Tell-A-Friend” function on the website, through which customers can send invitations to members of their whitewater rafting party. Horizon’s initiatives allowed for customer interaction with Crab Apple and improved targeting of relevant markets.


As a result of Horizon’s online solutions, Crab Apple now uses geographically specific keywords to target and reach those internet users who are more inclined to become customers. Since September 2008, the successful implementation of a modified pay per click campaign has reduced Crab Apple’s cost per conversion by 95% and increased conversions by 1,280%. Furthermore, the online trip planner has allowed the reservations department to effectively streamline the trip planning process and manage consumer inquiries while increasing party sizes through the “Tell-A-Friend” function. Crab Apple plans to continue its relationship with Horizon through the management and execution of effective email marketing campaigns.

“The trip planner on the website is amazing. We did not anticipate the volume of response. We basically need an extra person on staff just to answer trip planners! The response has been tremendous and it is really easy to close the sale once you get back in touch with the guest.”

–Jennifer Mooney, Crab Apple

View SiteCrab Apple Case Study
+ Home Depot Dumpster Rental


Home Depot Dumpster approached Horizon with the challenge of developing an online marketing plan for their dumpster rental program. Entering a market with heavy local and national competition, The Home Deport Dumpster Rental program was in need of an online presence to that would allow them to reach very specific group of target markets.


Horizon Marketing Group started with the Home Depot Dumpster Rental website, www.hddumpster.com. The site was designed to establish Home Depot as a major provider of waste removal and temporary dumpster rental, taking visitors through a step-by-step process in receiving a dumpster rental quote, through scheduling a dumpster drop off. The Home Deport Dumpster website was optimized for top search engine ranking and visibility in the dumpster rental and waste remove industry.

Horizon then conducted competitor, market and keyword research to develop an effective strategy for reaching Home Depot’s ideal customer demographic for dumpster rental. Horizon Marketing Group used sophisticated geo-targeting methods in order for Home Depot to match Pay-Per-Click ads with targeted demographic profiles. Horizon then launched a strategic online media placement and comprehensive search marketing campaign. The strategy was designed so enable Home Depot Dumpster to zero in and attract specific groups at specific times in their life when they may need a dumpster.


As a result of Horizon’s online and offline work, Home Depot Dumpster received thousands of number one rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other frequently used search engines for phrases such as “dumpster rental.” Between October 2007 and July 2008, Home Depot Dumpster’s experienced a 6900% increase in online conversions with a 588% decrease in cost per conversion.

Ultimately, Horizon’s successful execution of paid and non-paid search engine optimization to accompany geo-targeted pay-per-click campaigns gave Home Depot Dumpster a solid presence in the dumpster services industry that will give consumers convenient options and control for waste and debris removal from their homes or businesses.

View SiteHome Depot Dumpster Rental Case Study


At Horizon Interactive we take full advantage of the technological advancements that occur on a regular basis in the multimedia industry. By considering our client’s brand identity, their audience and how the audience will be receiving the message, we select the most relevant medium and produce solutions that encompass all three of these key details.

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Tying multiple media facets together is paramount in today's marketing landscape. At Horizon Interactive we have a wide spectrum of Internet marketing expertise to draw from and always suggest a plan that integrates all efforts to achieve your goals. Understanding your online market, capturing data, and presenting a professional image are a few of the ways our integrated services get results.

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