+ Interactive


Discover how you can leverage multimedia solutions

We like to use the term “sticky” when referring to interactive marketing projects. If an application is sticky, the user, in some way or another, is interacting with it and through this interaction, is being moved closer to buying a product or providing contact information that will help them buy a product or services in the near future. Simply put, Interactive Marketing has the power to engage your audience by establishing a dialogue and encouraging a response.

+ Digital Media / Advertising

From online media placement to compelling banner advertisements, Horizon Interactive will help you get the most return on your digital media investments.

+ Flash

Flash provides eye catching imagery and animation that allows our designers to create beautiful interactive works of art. Horizon Interactive can design and build intriguing Flash advertisements, compelling website elements and entire Flash websites that create a distinguished experience for your audience.

+ Email Marketing

We are experts in Email Marketing. Our staff has developed email strategies for successful companies worldwide. Combining this experience with advanced technologies, ease of use and powerful real-time report capabilities, our clients build interactive relationships with their customers that increase loyalty and drive sales.

+ Screensaver

Custom screensavers can be a great way to constantly remind customers about your brand in a fun, memorable way. We can create custom screensavers that drive traffic to your website while entertaining and educating your audience, all at the same time.

+ PowerPoint

Not just the same old PowerPoint. This handy application has come a long way since its release in 1987. Sadly, over 20 years later, most users are still putting their audiences to sleep with presentations they could have created with the original program. Horizon Interactive can energize your PowerPoint presentations, turning them into multimedia experiences that help you communicate your message without getting in the way.

+ Virtual Tour

There are some locations that still images and floor plans just can’t do justice for. If your objective is to draw visitors to a physical location, producing a virtual tour is a solution that allows your customers to “walk-through” and get a 360° view. We can develop a virtual experience that helps your visitors understand where you are trying to bring them and why they should go.

+ Games

Games can be used to interact with both customers and employees. From customer retention to sales training, Horizon Interactive can create a digital game that entertains, educates and tracks results.

+ CD + DVD

An interactive CD or DVD is an exceptional way to promote your business, launch or demonstrate new products and train customers. This medium can be an excellent complement to your website and print material, providing a level of interaction not possible through traditional collateral. By incorporating all of the elements of your brand identity, Horizon Interactive multimedia designers will develop a digital window into your brand that delivers your message and touches your audience.

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