+ Video


Discover how you can leverage video solutions

Nothing can capture the essence of your brand quite like video. Depending on your objective, a digital video production could be the solution to not only deliver your message accurately, but present it using the sights, sounds and people that make up your company image and sets you apart from the competition.

+ Product Demo

Sure, a well written product description can help clients and potential buyers understand what a product does and how it works. Adding great images will certainly help them get a better feel for your brand. But sometimes you just need to show people action and the team at Horizon Interactive are not only experts in creating broadcast quality video productions, but also in knowing when such a project is warranted. [suggest rewriting this sentence as: Sometimes you need to show people action. The team at Horizon Interactive are experts in creating broadcast quality video productions, and knowing when such a project is warranted.

+ Training

Digital Video can help your training programs in a number of ways. For starters, an intelligently crafted training video will add consistency to your training program. With a professionally produced training video your course messages will be delivered perfectly and consistently every time. Plus, you will no longer be restricted to the schedules of your training staff. Once your training program is captured on digital video, you have the luxury of holding a class whenever and wherever possible. Horizon Interactive will produce an interesting and retainable training experience, and then format it to be shown in multiple channels when necessary.

+ Corporate

Whether your objective is launching a new product at a tradeshow, a road show presentation to assist with an IPO or an internal message to your entire organization, Horizon Interactive will work with you to produce an accurate story that communicates your brand identity and drives results.

+ Sales

New ad-serving technologies are emerging everyday and with social networks subscriptions totaling hundreds of millions of users, producing a sales spot to be viewed not only on your site, but through multiple viral channels over the internet and mobile devices, will help you reach your audience where they are and where they interact.

+ Streaming

Transferring your video productions to a streaming format will help you increase sales, improve corporate communications and minimize travel expenses. With Streaming video you have the ability to broadcast your video messages on your website, on your corporate intranet and across the internet. Horizon Interactive will take the necessary steps in formatting and digitizing to ensure the maximum amount of viewers with the least amount of technical difficulty to bring successful results.

+ Multi Channel

Where will you be presenting your video production? Are you planning to distribute your video on a CD or DVD as part of a press kit? Perhaps you are launching a viral campaign that will be viewed on social networks and emailed around. When deciding what you will be presenting and where, it is also important to consider the channel by which your production will be received. Many technical obstacles can ruin your message and eliminate a substantial portion of your audience from even viewing your masterpiece. We take the channel into consideration and will format your production to ensure optimal deliverability.

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